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Power Translator

Power Translator (LEC)

Translates between multiple languages with one software package.


Power2Go (Cyberlink Europe)

Power2Go from CyberLink is a DVD, BDXL, and Blu-ray Disc burning software for all media. Now includes System Recovery tools to safeguard your data.


VLMenuPlus (Viklele Associates)

Drop-in menu enhancer for your applications.


Translate (LEC)

Quickly and economically translate email, web pages, documents and instant messages


Qlockwork (workingProgram)

Automatic time tracking software that plugs into Microsoft Outlook.

PowerTerm WebConnect

PowerTerm WebConnect (Ericom Software)

Advanced connection broker for centralising and simplifying application and desktop management of Microsoft Terminal Servers and desktop virtualisation (VDI) platforms that can be used by mobile workforces, branch offices and telecommuters.

Corel WordPerfect Office

Corel WordPerfect Office (Corel)

A office suite for home and business users to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and manage e-mail. Includes Web services, Microsoft Office SharePoint support and PDF tools support.

Returnil Virtual System

Returnil Virtual System (Returnil)

A security product that uses a combination of system virtualisation and anti-malware technologies to protect computers against both malicious threats and unwanted system changes.

Spire.Doc for WPF

Spire.Doc For WPF (e-iceblue)

Spire.Doc for WPF is an MS Word component operated on WPF platform, which can easily and professionally access a wide range of word document processing tasks without Microsoft Office Word installed on system.

Spire.Doc Pack

Spire.Doc Pack (e-iceblue)

Spire.Doc Pack is a compilation of Spire.Doc for .NET, Spire.Doc for Silverlight and Spire.Doc for WPF.

Xceed Words for .NET

Xceed Words For .NET (Xceed Software)

Xceed Words for .NET lets your application create new Microsoft Word .docx documents, or modify existing ones.

Tables Transformer for Excel

Tables Transformer For Excel (MAPILAB)

Fast and easy transformations of Excel tables. Prepare tabular data for the construction of pivot tables. Divide one table into several. Unite two tables in one.

Statgraphics Centurion

Statgraphics Centurion (Statpoint Technologies)

A data analysis tool that combines a range of procedures with interactive graphics to provide an integrated analytical environment that can be applied in every aspect of business operations.

PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS)

PDFlib Personalization Server (PPS) (PDFlib)

Variable data processing using PDFlib blocks. PPS makes applications independent from any layout changes.

Compare Spreadsheets for Excel

Compare Spreadsheets For Excel (MAPILAB)

Comparison of Microsoft Excel files. Work with files, tables or the selected range of cells without opening them in Microsoft Excel.

Fix Broken Links for Excel

Fix Broken Links For Excel (MAPILAB)

Add-on for finding and fixing broken links in Microsoft Excel linked files that works with files stored on web-sites and Microsoft SharePoint servers. Broken links can occur after copying, moving or renaming shared files.

MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel

MAPILab Find And Replace For Excel (MAPILAB)

Microsoft Excel add-on that enables simultaneous work with several files, saving and downloading retrieval requests as templates and the creation of an unlimited number of rules for search and replacement of data.

DotPad ActiveX

DotPad ActiveX (Eolas)

Handwritten character recognition ActiveX.


Dramatica (Write Brothers)

Dramatica Pro software is your creative writing partner. Create great characters. Plan your plot from start to finish. Dramatica Pro blasts away those writer's blocks.

Total Access Memo

Total Access Memo (FMS)

Adds rich text memorandum fields to Microsoft Access forms and reports.


Storyview (Write Brothers)

A visual outline for writers enabling them to create, structure and organise ideas in a timeline format

Spire.Doc for .NET

Spire.Doc For .NET (e-iceblue)

A .NET library specially designed for developers to create, read, write, convert and print Word document files from any .NET platform with fast and high quality performance.

SuperNova Magnifier

SuperNova Magnifier (Dolphin Computer Access)

On-screen text enlarger and highlighter for the visually impaired that runs on Microsoft Windows applications.


AutoCAD (Autodesk)

Create stunning designs and speed up documentation work with productivity tools in AutoCAD software.


Pdf2cad (Visual Integrity Technologies)

Converts engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DXF files that can be opened and edited in AutoCAD and other popular engineering programs and saved in native CAD formats such as DWG for AutoCAD.


PowerDVD (Cyberlink Europe)

Digital media editing software that lets your digital media work better together, whether from your PC, smart device, home or social cloud


Clicker (Crick Software)

Clicker 6 is the child-friendly writing tool that enables pupils of all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills.

NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager (NetSupport Software)

Multi-platform remote control and desktop management package.

NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify (NetSupport Software)

Focused software product providing on-demand desktop alerts, emergency notifications, popup alerting and one-way messaging that scales to the largest of enterprises for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

NetSupport School

NetSupport School (NetSupport Software)

Instruct, monitor and collaborate with your networked students. Interact with your students either individually, within a group or to the overall class.


GrammarKit (Chant)

Chant GrammarKit is comprised of tools for editing, compiling, and persisting grammars to distribute with your applications and application ready software components to dynamically generate and compile grammars as part of your deployed applications.


ProfileKit (Chant)

Chant ProfileKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components that backup and restore, activate, create, delete, and train end user profiles with standard or custom scripts to enhance speech recognition accuracy.

Spire.DocViewer for WPF

Spire.DocViewer For WPF (e-iceblue)

Spire.DocViewer for WPF is a standalone Word Viewer WPF Component . Its embedded class library is designed to help developers easily build their own WPF application to display, convert and interact with all versions of Word files in C#/VB.NET.


VoiceMarkupKit (Chant)

Chant VoiceMarkupKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components to generate Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, Microsoft SAPI, and W3C SSML markup language that enhances the playback quality when synthesizing text-to-speech.

File Property

File Property (Desaware)

Read and write file properties that are part of Microsoft Office and other structured storage files, and files located on Windows NTFS drives.

TX Text Control

TX Text Control (Text Control)

Royalty-free word processing component in a re-usable component form. Available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.