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ResultsManager (Gyronix)

Project management tool based on the MindManager software

Visual Mind

Visual Mind (Mind Technologies)

Visual brainstorming and mind mapping tool with a range of export and import capabilities for managing large, complex maps with password and encryption functionality. It is available in Basic, Business and Server Editions.


XMind (XMind)

XMind is a popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work organized.


MindGenius (MindGenius)

Software tool providing analysis, project management, brainstorming, presentation and task management capabilities.


MindMapper (Simtech)

Tool for organising tasks and projects and displaying them electronically. Use an integrated mapping format, to capture ideas, improve thought processes and provide a fast method for multi-person collaboration.

MindManager IFilter

MindManager IFilter (IfilterShop)

MindManager IFilter indexes metadata and content of Mindjet MindManager maps.


IMindMap (OpenGenius)

A tool for organising, creating, innovating, planning, presenting, notating, learning, structuring, communicating, problem solving and project management.


IMindQ (Seavus Products)

Mind mapping software that facilitates creative ideas and the solving of problems, enhancing brainstorming and strategic thinking and accelerating project and process planning on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux.

Power Markers

Power Markers (Olympic)

Power Markers is an extension for Mindjet MindManager, helping you keep track of important things and get faster information from your maps.