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Ivanti Protect

Ivanti Protect (Ivanti)

Simplify and automate the identification and fixing of gaps in tasks such as patch management, anti-virus and anti-spyware management.

Tivoli License Manager

Tivoli License Manager (IBM )

It identifies software inventory, measures use activity, and automatically links complex license entitlements, enabling IT to align software spending with business priorities.

Estate Guardian

Estate Guardian (ParaTek)

Network administration tool for computers running Microsoft software.

P2 Commander

P2 Commander (Paraben)

Digital forensic tool that creates specialised engines for analysing e-mail, network e-mail, chat logs, file sorting and internet file analysis.

Forensic Replicator

Forensic Replicator (Paraben)

Forensic Replicator is a bit-stream forensic image creation tool.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus (ManageEngine)

In real-time, ensure critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers are audited, monitored and reported with the entire information on AD objects

Blancco Toolkit

Blancco Toolkit (Blancco)

Portable solution for businesses. Includes software CD, a HASP key for storing licenses and a USB stick for report saving.


WinReporter (IS Decisions)

WinReporter is a solution enabling rapid assessment, inventory, audit and classification of all Microsoft Windows components.

NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA (NetSupport Software)

Complete Asset Management package allowing management and control of IT assets within the enterprise, eliminating waste and redundancy and ensuring compliance with government compliance regulations.


AssetExplorer (ManageEngine)

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network from Planning phase to Disposal phase.


Lansweeper (Lansweeper)

An inventory tool that enables the making of an automatic computer inventory of Microsoft Windows clients without the need to install an agent on workstations.


Portfolio (Extensis)

A web-based digital asset management software for images, photos, videos and documents that helps workgroups and organisations quickly find and use digital media.

InishTech SLP Services

InishTech SLP Services (InishTech)

Enables products to be managed, licensed and activated. All SLP Services solutions support a unique to company protection method that protects code and licence information and are available as a hosted service and an on-premise server solution.

XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration (CENTREL Solutions)

A network documentation tool that automatically inventories, audits and documents your environment, including Windows, Unix, AD, VMWare and more.

Spotdoggy Professional

Spotdoggy Professional (Spotmau)

Monitoring software that enables you to take screenshots in real-time, capture & review all chats and instant messages, record & review every web site, block any unwanted web sites and programs.

DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus (ManageEngine)

Find, Analyze and track sensitive personal data. Audit, monitor, report and alert on all file accesses and modifications made. Analyze and identify redundant, outdated and trivial data to de-clutter your file server and cut storage cost.

Network Inventory

Network Inventory (EMCO Software)

Hardware and software inventory and network auditing


FileAudit (IS Decisions)

A data surveillance product that functions via an administration console installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows.

X1 Social Discovery

X1 Social Discovery (X1 Technologies)

Effectively address social media content, website collection, geostream, webmail and YouTube video capture, in one single interface.

System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Configuration Manager (Microsoft)

Scalable hardware and software inventory and metering, software distribution and installation and remote troubleshooting tools for change and configuration management for Microsoft Windows-based desktop and server systems.

Archive Manager

Archive Manager (ScriptLogic)

Enables the capture, indexing, search and archiving of Microsoft Exchange messages and attachments. Consolidate Exchange messages and attachments in a central, searchable repository and manage attachment storage.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager (ScriptLogic)

Software compliance management product that tracks software and monitors use to ensure that resources are being used fully and productively. Integration is provided with Active Directory.


SysTools (SysTools Software)

SysTools expertises in provisioning data recovery solutions for all issues related to data inconsistency. Provided solutions adeptly deal with matters ranging from minor to complex cases of corruption.