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Specops Gpupdate

Specops Gpupdate (Special Operations Software)

Wake on Lan (WOL), gpupdate and Remote restart/remote shutdown

AD Phonebook

AD Phonebook (Dovestones Software)

A browser based Active Directory Phonebook that helps you maintain the company phonebook. AD Phonebook enables you to use Active Directory to provide up to date contact information to your employees.

AD Self Service

AD Self Service (BoostSolutions)

Enables administrators to permit users to add, delete, edit or view their AD profile. Adjustments made by users can include e-mail notifications and will be recorded in a log.

AD Self Update

AD Self Update (Dovestones Software)

Allows your users to update their details that are held in Active Directory. It is fully configurable so you can allow users to update just their home contact details or other attributes such as Car Licence, Employee Number.

AD Toolset Bundle

AD Toolset Bundle (Dovestones Software)

A collection of 7 useful Active Directory tools for AD management, the tools are all simple to use yet power through time consuming AD tasks. Tools include AD Bulk Export, Bulk Contacts, Find and Replace, Photos, True Last Login and others

ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus (ManageEngine)

ADManager Plus is a simple, easy-to-use Windows Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution that helps AD Administrators and Help Desk Technicians with their day-to-day activities.

AD Administration

AD Administration (BoostSolutions)

Enables systems administrators to delegate the reseting of passwords, creation and management of users and groups and editing AD profiles within a defined organisational unit.

AD Password Reset

AD Password Reset (Dovestones Software)

Allows end users to reset forgotten passwords securely and easily. This reduces the load on the help desk and allows stronger password policies to be applied.

AD Bulk Contacts

AD Bulk Contacts (Dovestones Software)

Import Active Directory Contacts in bulk: Bulk Import, modify or delete Active Directory Contacts. D Bulk Contacts can import simple or very detailed information such as Group Membership or contact details.

AD Bulk Users

AD Bulk Users (Dovestones Software)

Enables you to import and modify large numbers of Active Directory Users. Import simple or very detailed account information such as Passwords and Group Membership. The import file is constructed in the simple CSV format.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus (ManageEngine)

In real-time, ensure critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers are audited, monitored and reported with the entire information on AD objects

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus (ManageEngine)

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management program.

True Last Logon

True Last Logon (Dovestones Software)

Helps you clean up your Active Directory by easily identifying unused or obsolete user and computer accounts based on their true last logon time and account status.

Specops Inventory

Specops Inventory (Special Operations Software)

Turn Active Directory and Group Policy into a full-featured Inventory and Asset Management solution.

Specops Password Policy

Specops Password Policy (Special Operations Software)

Specops Password Policy offers numerous granular password complexity features to define the rules for a password policy.


Net2ADSyncserver (Intoaccess)

The Net2ADSyncServer application, synchronizes your Net2 system with Windows Active Directory. This makes it possible to, after the initial configuration, maintain the users at a single spot (Active Directory)