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UEStudio (IDM Computer Solutions)

UEStudio is an IDE that includes a code editor and text editor with native support for more than thirty compilers. It can be used to edit text and build applications.

Navicat for SQL Server

Navicat For SQL Server (PremiumSoft CyberTech)

Database administration and development tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 R2 including support for trigger, function and view. It runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Jumar:Links Business Intelligence Bundle

Jumar:Links Business Intelligence Bundle (Jumar Solutions Europe)

A bundle of AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler and Jumar:Links for AllFusion ERWin Data Modeler and Business Intelligence


Jumar:Xtras (Jumar Solutions Europe)

Allows ERwin users to view and manage information about linked and derived ERwin models

EZManage SQL

EZManage SQL (DBA Services)

Centralised administration of databases across multiple servers running Microsoft SQL and available in Standard, Backup and Professional Editions. Select a full or point in time restoration via a graphical interface.

DB Ghost

DB Ghost (Innovartis)

A database change management solution for Microsoft SQL Server

DeZign for Databases

DeZign For Databases (Datanamic)

Database design and development tool using an entity relationship diagram.

ApexSQL Diff

ApexSQL Diff (Quest Software)

A Database Comparison tool for Microsoft SQL Server, including support for Databases, Script folders and Source control projects/labels.

ApexSQL Doc

ApexSQL Doc (Quest Software)

Ability to instantly produce rich and detailed documentation in a variety of formats (html, chm, hxs).

ApexSQL Log

ApexSQL Log (Quest Software)

ApexSQL Log is a Transaction Log Analysis and Data Recovery tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.


SQLBase (Unify (Gupta))

A fully relational, high performance, embedded database that enables organisations to manage data and providing a self-recovering, maintenance-free embedded database architecture.

Navicat for MySQL

Navicat For MySQL (PremiumSoft CyberTech)

Database management, reporting and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems. Supports most of the latest MySQL features including Trigger, Stored Procedure, Function, Event, View, Manage User.

BI xPress

BI XPress (Pragmatic Works)

BI xPress speeds up BI development and administration by giving you the ability to quickly build packages, install robust auditing frameworks and helps DBAs deploy packages.

Studio 3T

Studio 3T (3T Software Labs)

Studio 3T is a MongoDB client.

SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry (SentryOne)

More than a monitoring solution: SQL Sentry is a performance and health management suite designed to help you get the most out of SQL Server and Windows.

Navicat for SQLite

Navicat For SQLite (PremiumSoft CyberTech)

Database administration and development tool for SQLite version 2 and 3 with support for trigger, index and view etc on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux.

erwin Data Modeler

Erwin Data Modeler (erwin)

Enables the visualisation of complex data structures and inventory information assets and the establishing of enterprise-wide standards for managing data, streamlines the design process and synchronises the model with the database design.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

DbForge Studio For MySQL (Devart)

dbForge Studio is a powerful and comprehensive MySQL GUI tool that provides a complete set of instruments for server management and administration.

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server

DbForge Data Compare For SQL Server (Devart)

An easy to use SQL comparison tool, capable of using native SQL Server backups as metadata source.

dbForge Data Compare for MySQL

DbForge Data Compare For MySQL (Devart)

A synchronisation and comparison tool for comparing databases from any MySQL database.

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

DbForge Schema Compare For SQL Server (Devart)

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is a reliable tool to help save time when comparing databases on SQL Server.

dbForge Fusion for MySQL

DbForge Fusion For MySQL (Devart)

A powerful add-in designed to simplify MySQL database development and enhance data management capabilities.

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

DbForge Query Builder For MySQL (Devart)

A visual query creation tool for the creation of queries and extended data management. It allows you to effortlessly create any complex queries, which you could not create before.

dbForge Fusion for Oracle

DbForge Fusion For Oracle (Devart)

Simplifies the Oracle database application development process by integrating into Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi), making all database development and administration tasks available from your favourite IDE.

dbForge Studio for Oracle

DbForge Studio For Oracle (Devart)

dbForge Studio for Oracle (formerly known as OraDeveloper StuA powerful Oracle database development environment.

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle

DbForge Data Compare For Oracle (Devart)

A powerful, fast and easy-to-use tool for Oracle database comparison and synchronisation. It helps users quickly compare data in tables, find the differences at a glance, and generate a script to effortlessly synchronise data.

dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle

DbForge Schema Compare For Oracle (Devart)

A comprehensive tool for database schema comparison and synchronisation that can be used both by application developers and database administrators (DBAs).

PL/SQL Developer

PL/SQL Developer (Allround Automations)

Multi-threaded integrated development environment for developing, testing, debugging and optimising Oracle PL/SQL stored program units such as packages and triggers.An optional Annual Service Contract is available.

Total Access Ultimate Suite

Total Access Ultimate Suite (FMS)

Is a suite of twelve FMS products for Microsoft Access to deliver powerful Access solutions.

CodeCharge Studio

CodeCharge Studio (YesSoftware)

CodeCharge Studio allows the creation of database-driven Web applications directly from databases with minimal amount of coding.


DataAssist (WebAssist)

Wizard-like interface for creating database-driven Web based catalogue Web sites with full administration, searching and sorting without the need for coding.

Rapid SQL

Rapid SQL (Idera)

Rapid SQL provides you with a single standard interface for SQL scripting and debugging across database environments.


DBArtisan (Idera)

DBArtisan is a database management tool that runs on Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE and IBM DB2 across the UNIX, Linux, Windows NT and mainframe z/OS operating systems.

LegEasy Windows

LegEasy Windows (4 The People)

An easy to use database that enables you to create powerful applications to store, retrieve and manipulate information.

Datawatch Automator Server

Datawatch Automator Server (Datawatch)

A server-based data distribution, ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) and application integration solution which automatically creates and delivers unstructured data sources into live, customised data.


ER/Studio (Idera)

Multi-level data modelling application for logical and physical database design and construction.