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Secured eMail

Secured EMail (Cryptzone)

E-mail encryption solution that combines state-of-the-art encryption technology with ease of use.

Axway MailGate

Axway MailGate (Axway)

Comprehensive email security solution that provides inbound threat protection and outbound data loss prevention.


MOVEit (Ipswitch)

Secure enterprise data transfer server with end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage of data and files that moves files on a scheduled, automated, firewall-friendly basis.


SecureFX (VanDyke Software)

Secure file transfer application that provides options between SFTP, SCP or FTP and SSL (TLS) for secure transfers or standard FTP for non-secure transfers.

DISK Protect

DISK Protect (Becrypt)

Full disk encryption solution securing data on desktop and laptop PCs from theft and loss.



Combines ZIP compression and strong encryption so organisations address daily data security challenges, protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements.

Xceed Ultimate Suite

Xceed Ultimate Suite (Xceed Software)

User interface tools for application front-ends and data handling libraries for application back-ends with extensible controls including grids, charts, UI, Zip, FTP, encryption and networking libraries.

Xceed Data Manipulation Suite

Xceed Data Manipulation Suite (Xceed Software)

High performance, flexible and reliable solutions for all your compression, networking and encryption needs. Updated often, supported with care. 13 meticulously designed and tested libraries, 100% .NET, Xamarin and also ActiveX/COM.

Secure Copy

Secure Copy (ScriptLogic)

Comprehensive data migration and server consolidation solution for automating data copying, permissioning and more between Windows servers and NAS/SAN systems.

Software995 Toolset

Software995 Toolset (Software995)

Security and encryption tool that uses Microsoft digital certificate technologies to create, protect and validate digital internal documents.


Cryptshare (Befine Solutions)

Simple solution for secure business to business file transfer in form of a dedicated web service that has been developed especially for this task.


VirusBarrier (Intego)

Comprehensive protection from malware and network threats for Mac users including full anti-malware protection, a firewall, network protection, anti-phishing and anti-spyware features.

ePrivacy Suite

EPrivacy Suite (Cryptzone)

Combines award-winning email encryption with file and folder encryption software.

Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos Privacy Suite (Steganos)

Data protection and encryption system that locks and encrypts documents, photographs and e-mail in a virtual data safe .

Symantec File Share Encryption

Symantec File Share Encryption (Symantec)

Enables specific users to share protected files in a shared space, such as on a corporate file server, in a shared folder, or on removable media such as a USB drive.

Secured eF

Secured EF (Cryptzone)

Simple to use file and folder encryption software.

ESET Endpoint Encryption

ESET Endpoint Encryption (ESET)

An encryption application with full remote control of endpoint policy and shared encryption keys to protect files and data across devices, meeting the compliance standards of regulations like GDPR and SOX.

ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus + Firewall (Check Point)

Provides essential antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection for your PC.

Axway Secure Messenger

Axway Secure Messenger (Axway)

Proactively monitors and centrally enforces policies to simplify governance and comprehensively demonstrate email compliance with regulations.


SecurWrap (Imation Enterprises)

Comprehensive PC, device and email encryption with central management.

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (Symantec)

Encrypt and sign outgoing messages and decrypt and verify incoming messages. Minimise the risk of data breaches for security and privacy.

Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Symantec Endpoint Encryption (Symantec)

Symantec Endpoint Encryption, powered by PGP technology provides organisations with strong full-disk and removable media encryption and the ability to integrate with Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

Secuware C2K

Secuware C2K (Secuware S.L.)

Critical data providing Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) that accepts digital certificates, smart cards or USB tokens as valid user identification. If no acceptable identification is supplied, the boot process is terminated.

Advanced Port Control

Advanced Port Control (Becrypt)

Peripheral device control solution

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro (ManageEngine)

Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities of enterprises.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos Endpoint Protection (Sophos)

All-in-one malware and data protection which is designed to offer complete security including encryption, web filtering and patch assessment.

O&O DiskImage

O&O DiskImage (O&O Software)

Enables the creation of images so that entire systems can be restored. Automated and individual settings are provided and the Start CD includes additional system rescue tools that can be used even if Microsoft Windows does not start.

GPG for Microsoft(R) Outlook (gpg4o)

GPG For Microsoft(R) Outlook (gpg4o) (Giegerich & Partner)

Guarantees the privacy of your electronic correspondence by mail encryption.