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Datalock (Awareness Technologies)

Company security software that prevents data loss, scanning every file on every PC in an organisation to uncover confidential data and to prevent it from leaking out.

Sophos Enduser Protection Web- Mail and Encryption

Sophos Enduser Protection Web- Mail And Encryption (Sophos)

Complete security for endpoint, network, web, email and mobile devices.

Winpopup LAN Messenger

Winpopup LAN Messenger (Fomine Software)

A powerful communication tool for small to medium groups of users within a local network. The winpopup is an ideal business solution for secure network messaging without the need of a server.


Swivel (Swivel Secure)

Providing security for Cloud, Web, VPN and VDI applications, the Swivel authentication platform oProviding security for Cloud, Web, VPN and VDI applications, the Swivel authentication platform offers a wide choice of authentication options.

Security Explorer

Security Explorer (ScriptLogic)

Simplifies the management of NTFS file and folder security, file sharing, services, printer access, registry security and scheduled tasks ensuring that access to privileged information is restricted on Microsoft Windows servers and workstations

Secuware C2K

Secuware C2K (Secuware S.L.)

Critical data providing Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) that accepts digital certificates, smart cards or USB tokens as valid user identification. If no acceptable identification is supplied, the boot process is terminated.

Secuware Security Framework (SSF)

Secuware Security Framework (SSF) (Secuware S.L.)

Security extension for Microsoft Windows networks that creates closed circuits for information in which only authorised individuals using authorised devices and authorised applications can access data, preventing information leakage.

Spector 360 Recon

Spector 360 Recon (Veriato)

A threat defence built to protect employees from insider theft, fraud and hacktivism.

Advanced Port Control

Advanced Port Control (Becrypt)

Peripheral device control solution

ePO Deep Command

EPO Deep Command (McAfee)

Provides secure and remote security management access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. It uses Intel vPro Active Management Technology to reduce security operations costs while enhancing security.

TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client

TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client (The GreenBow)

An on demand IPSec VPN Client providing remote access, compliant with most popular VPN gateways and with network tools to deploy security in large and medium enterprises.

ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication (ESET)

Provides powerful authentication to make remote access to the company network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities (Symantec)

Software to protect against software conflicts, lost files, crashes, screen freezes and viruses. LiveUpdate downloads and installs the latest patches and virus definitions and Norton Rescue creates floppy disks for restoring a computer.

ManageEngine OpUtils

ManageEngine OpUtils (ManageEngine)

OpUtils is a Switch Port & IP Address Management software that helps network engineers manage their Switches and IP Address Space with ease.


GridGuard (SyferLock Technology)

GridGuard technology provides 2-factor and multi-form authentication for Web Portals, SSL VPN appliances and software applications.


GridPro (SyferLock Technology)

GridPro offers enterprises a solution for personal computers and tablets leveraging Microsofts Windows operating system platform.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos Endpoint Protection (Sophos)

All-in-one malware and data protection which is designed to offer complete security including encryption, web filtering and patch assessment.

AD Password Reset

AD Password Reset (Dovestones Software)

Allows end users to reset forgotten passwords securely and easily. This reduces the load on the help desk and allows stronger password policies to be applied.

NetSupport Protect

NetSupport Protect (NetSupport Software)

NetSupport Protect protects Windows operating systems and desktops from unwanted or malicious changes, providing a secure, reliable and productive computer environment.

Enterprise Security Suite

Enterprise Security Suite (Trend Micro)

Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite protects Internet gateways, mail and file servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices with this fully integrated, centrally managed security solution.

Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers

Enterprise Security For Endpoints And Mail Servers (Trend Micro)

Integrated product for protecting mail servers, file servers, desktops and laptops against viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, inappropriate content and blended threats.

Enterprise Security for Endpoints

Enterprise Security For Endpoints (Trend Micro)

Provides a defence against threats in corporate networks - combining anti-malware with in-the-cloud protection from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network