Solidatus Server

Solidatus Server (Solidatus)

Solidatus is a specialised, powerful and modern data lineage tool.



Solidatus allows the rapid capture, storage and visual representation of data lineage, together with its supporting metadta. The powerful governance and version control features of Solidatus enable facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration, giving subject-matter experts across an organisation the power to take ownership of the definition and maintenance of metadata within their respective areas of expertise. This may then be shared to ensure consistency, comprehensive understanding and adoption across the entire firm, providing an esential foundation to best-practice data governance.

With Solidatus it is now possible for an enterprise to have a centrally coordinated, distributed and universally available single source of metadata knowledge, eliminating confusion over terminology and reducing development time and overheads.


  • Meta-model - The robust, hierarchical Solidatus metamodel of Layers, Objects, Groups and Attributes related by Transitions is readily understood, not only by technologists with a background in object-oriented design but also by business people who need their area of hte business to be modelled.
  • Visual Interface - Through the intuitive Solidatus interface, models can be quickly created but,more importantly, when shared they are easily understoodby others, enabling anomalies to be spotted easily and investigated.
  • Version Control - All modifications of a model are tracked by Solidatus which provides the ability to visualise differences between versions and plan forward. This facilitates change control and impact analysis.
  • Properties - Any entity within a Solidatus model may have an unlimited number of properties, which allows for flexible and comprehensive metadata capture. There are no size limits to a property, allowing arichness of detail to besupported that would be unsustainable in a traditional, spreadsheet‑based approach.
  • Collaboration - Solidatus' collaboration model takes inspiration from Git, an industry-standard and flexible source control application. Sharing can either be on a read‑only basis or permission to modify the model may be granted.
  • Display and Searching - Solidatus has its own query language, providing the ability to structure specific and detailed searches, filters and highlights of the embedded metadata. This means that even the most complex and extensive lineage models can be clearly understood.

Key points

  1. Understanding your data is key to your organisation's success.
  2.  Metadata plays an important role within the data journey.
  3. Enterprise‑wide consistent metadata, available to everyone, is vital in building an agile enterprise.
  4. Solidatus,through its web‑based interface, is the best way to catalogue metadata.
  5. Solidatus will help to break down data silos and enables elimination of duplication and redundancy.
  6. Solidatus provides robustness and resilience, through reducing undocumented metadata.

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